About Kay

I am known in the “Art World” as Kay Gilbert (KGilbert).  
I am located in the North Central part of Kansas.  I have been creating art, mostly paintings, since my twenties.  I am a self taught artist that was heavily influenced by a very creative family.  I mainly work with acrylic paints, oil paints, duo oil paints and pastels.  I sometimes use all mediums on the same painting.  The tools that I use are brushes, palette knives, wedges, my fingers and anything that helps to create interesting paintings.  
There is just something fascinating to me about the way paints and pastels on canvas or sanded paper turn into beautiful and colorful paintings.  I try to use my own experiences and photos to get inspiration for each painting.  
Once in a while I will use photos from others as a reference. Recently, I have been working with duo aqua oil paints making finger paintings and also working on abstract paintings.  
I truly believe "everyone should have colorful paintings in their environment as it's so good for the soul! It makes such a difference in life!"