Q & A’s

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q:  What are your hours?

A:  I can be contacted 7 days a week.  I am an night owl so anytime before 11:00 pm Central Time.  If I don’t answer email right away, I will as soon as possible.


Q:  I read in an article that you are currently showing paintings at The Vernon Filley Art Museum in Pratt, KS.  Can I purchase a painting at museum?

A:  Yes, I was thrilled to be included in the Kansas Ninnescah Art Exhibit at The Vernon Filley Art Museum.  I am currently showing  2 paintings, FALL FOLIAGE which is a finger oil painting and GODS GIFT an acrylic painting of Colorado mountains from a trip I took.  The showing ends on April 10th, 2021.  You can contact museum at 1-620-933-2787 and view paintings at www.Vernon Filley museum.org.


Q;  How can I personally contact you about a painting?

A:  email me kgilbert@twinvalley.net with your telephone number and I will call as soon as possible.


Q:  i was wondering what duo aqua oil paints means?

A:  Duo aqua oil paints are oil paints with a formula included that allows soap and water clean up.  The artist does not have to use solvents, which are harmful to an artist health, during painting or cleanup.  The duo oil paints take just as long to dry as regular oil paints and have the same beautiful oil colors and consistency.  Duo oil paints have been around a long time.  I just discovered them when starting finger oil paintings.


Q: your artist name is Kay Gilbert, why do you sign paintings as KGilbert? 

A:  I started signing that way many years ago.  I sign KGilbert on front of painting but also sign written signature Kay Gilbert on back to show it’s an original painting and cannot be copied.